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plus CBD gold label          plus cbd Gold label        Plus CBD gold label
 (Buy Now) 1 Gram $34.95     (Buy Now) 4 gram $119.95       (Buy Now) 10 gram $249.95
10pcs - 1gr PlusCBD Gold Oil - 25% CBD This premium PlusCBD gold oil is the highest quality CBD in the industry. This new industry standard has a golden wax-like consistency ranging from 10 – 25% CBD. The proprietary chemical free distillation methods are unique to CannaVest and offer customers with potent, formulation ready bulk material. A representative 25% CBD gold oil tested at 49% fatty acid content with publicly available 3rd party certificates of analyses.

Plus CBD Green Label         Plus CBD Green label        Plus CBD Green Label
  (Buy Now) 1 Gram $20.95     (Buy Now) 4 gram $71.95       (Buy Now) 10 gram $149.95
1gr PlusCBD Green Oil - 18% CBD ( 3pk ) Our lab has developed chemical-free, gentle heating methods to complete the conversion process. This product retains the original dark green paste consistency of the raw oil and can range from 7 – 18% CBD. Independent analyses have shown that the decarboxylated oil contains approximately 17% fatty acids. Furthermore, the most abundant fatty acids were found to be omega-3 and omega-6.
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This is the pen I use. Scott Salisbury Owner! 

This is the pen I use. Scott Salisbury Owner! 


CBDpans incCBD
Pan's InK
Add a few drops to your 
Hemp Oil 
Drowsy, Focus, DayDream

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syringe based cbdsyringe based cbdsyringe based cbdSyringe based CBD
From 12% to 24% 

Syringe Based CBD Oil sublingual application "Latin for under the tongue"     

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